Monday, March 15, 2010

White Weeping Cherry for Small Spaces

Prunus x Snow Fountains (Snofozam)  12-15' (Zone 5)

Washington, DC is famous for its spring show of white cherries around the Tidal Basin.  Thousands of people visit our nation's Capitol each spring to experience the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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Many landscapes lack the space to feature a full-size cherry, thus Snow Fountains is a great option.  This cherry is a smaller form of the white weeping cherry.  Its graceful cascades of flowing white blooms resemble a fountain of flowers.

Here is an example of Snow Fountains in the natural form, showing multiple tiers of weeping branches.

The top-grafted form produces a consistent "flat top."  Branches on both natural and top-grafted can be left to weep all the way to the ground or trimmed up to a specific height for a desired design effect.

Fall Color:  foliage is a dark green and turns gold and orange hues in fall.

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